DB Renewed

• What is Db Renewed?

Db Renewed is our recycle initiative, where we aim to give our bags a longer life through repair and resale. We want the products we make to be used as much as possible and if you no longer use a product from us, we will be happy to buy it back from you. Doing this we can repair the product and make it ready for a new, happy owner.


• What is your returns policy?

If you receive a product that does not fit or you don’t want the product, we would like to get it back. Send an email to hei@vandre.no and mark the subject field with “Return + your confirmation code”. We will take care of the process and arrange your return.

• How can I return?

Returns are managed by our logistic company called Helthjem. Send us an email at hei@vandre.no, with your reason for return + your confirmation code and you will receive all necessary guidance.


• Where do you ship products?

We are currently in an establishment phase and ship only to Norway.

• When will I get my order?

When we receive your order for a Db Renewed product, we will ensure that the product is shipped within 2-4 business days.

Trade in

• Can I trade in all Db products?

Almost! We do not buy back products with a lower retail price of 1799 NOK yet. You will find all the available trade in products under “Trade in” or in the drop-down menu when you click register sale.

• 3. Can I trade in products that I have bought at Db Renewed?

Of course! We would love for you to do that! The more products being returned after purchased at Db Renewed, the better we become at reuse and the more we are taking care of the planet. In addition, the products will be even more unique.
Send us a email and let us know that is being traded in a second time, so we can preserve the stories and give them to the next owner.

• Where can I send in used Db products?

You submit through dbrenewed.no. After clicking register sale under the Trade in and filling out your information you will receive a confirmation mail from us, containing the steps for your shipment. We use the Helthjem service, and for most locations around in Norway it allows you to put the product right outside on your doormat and we will come pick it up. Whether you are within such area which provide this service is all being stated when your register your sale. In some cases, you might have to deliver the product at your closest post office of drop of point.

• What type of condition must my product have to be accepted?

We accept most products, but the product cannot be all worn out. Broken zippers, missing buttons, torn or cuts and so on, are all fine. If you are uncertain whether we can take the product back or not, send us an email at hei@vandre.no. In many cases is it better for our team of professionals to decide whether your bag can be fixed or taken spare parts from, so let us know.

• How do I ship with Helthjem?

After you have registered a sale, you will receive a shipping code by email. The email you receive will explain all the steps you need to follow for a problem free shipping.

• Will I receive a gift card for everything I trade in and when will I receive it?

You will receive a gift card for every product stated in the Trade in page. You can use this gift card in the Db Renewed shop or on new products at dbjourney.com. Remember to let us know where you want your gift card being used. We need to know whether you want to use it at the Db renewed shop or if you want to by a completely new product from dbjourney.com.
The gift card will still vary depending on what product you hand in. You will find the gift card value in the trade in page.
You will receive your gift card by email as soon as we have received your trade in product and can confirm that this bag is an authentic Db bag.

• What if I am not happy with the value on my gift card?

Let us know, and we will explain why you receive that amount on the gift card. If you are still not satisfied, we will arrange a return. We will not cover this return, since all the gift card values are stated in the trade in page. Make sure you look through this before you trade in.

• Where can I use my gift card?

The gift card can be used on either www.dbjourney.com or www.dbrenewed.no. Note that you can only use the gift card on one page, and we need you to decide this in advance when you register your sale.

• Is the Db Renewed service provided outside Norway?

Not yet! But we are working to develop our systems so people living outside Norway can return and buy second hand as well. Stay tuned!


• In what condition is the Db Renewed products?

A Db renewed products is a used product, which has had a life before you decide to buy it. The products may therefore vary in wear and condition and the product condition is stated in the product information. Each product is unique, so make sure you look closely at the photos and condition information before buying. All products we receive go through repair and cleaning, so that it can be used for many more years.

• I can’t find the size or the colour I want.

The Db Renewed program consists of products with good quality from customers, and it will constantly vary in sizes and colours. Each product is unique, and each product on the website represents only that specific product, colour, model, and size. If you do not find the desired colour or size, it means that it is not available at the moment. We want to help you find the Renewed product you want, so do not give up if it is not available. Send us an email telling us what product you are looking for, colour and size-wise. We will then inform you if the product you desire are coming in for repair and soon ready for you in the Db Renewed shop.